Master vehicle facility

Would it be possible to have a facility reference a master facility for vehicles the same way it can for vendors, customers and parts? We have multiple facilities.
Currently you have to manually change the facility when initiating a work order. When our dispatch clerk gets really busy, sometimes this is overlooked and I get a call that a vehicle is not in the system.
Our vehicles are all inventoried in one facility.

Have you tried using the Cross ref feature? I’ll have someone in support reach out to see if this will do what you are looking for.

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We use the xref field in the vehicle master file to retreive the vehicle no matter the facility the wo is in. Works great. Just type in the vehicle ID in the xref field.

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We have 8 facilities. All vehicles are cross referenced in each facility and I still have to open that facility to access the vehicle. Do I have to enter them all in my main facility (facility 1) in order for this to work?

Also, if I’ve designated a group of work order numbers to each facility, but enter a work order from another facility, would it designate from that facilities designated numbers or pull from those designated for the “home” facility?

I think a master facility or an ALL facility option would be great when looking up work orders, instead of having to change to the correct the WO facility each time. You could add a WO facility option once you are within the WO # itself. Also for reports, pulling the costs or parts for ALL when needed or by individual facilities would be so so very nice. Right now for the PM due list, I have to pull it twice, convert it excel, merge it so our VPs/Department heads can have all facilities in one for example.

Okay this works so far. We had one of the switches turned off.

Hey @ginnyjones573 I’ll have someone reach out to you to make sure it’s set up correctly.