Master vender list

Have an option to just have a single vender list for all facilities or just a master list of all facilities combined. So they all have the same info as each other with out having to re open the vender in each facility to update info.

Jason - You can set a Master Vendor list default that each Facility can use so you do not have to maintain more than 1 vendor list.
To do this you would go to Master > Facility > File Maintenance and you would change the Default Vendor Facility to the facility that would maintain the master vendor list.
So Facility 00001 might have your master vendor list so in Facility 00002 under the Default Vendor Facility field you would change it to point to Facility 00001 and repeat for other facilities.
Give us a call in Support at 1-800-279-0549 if you want to discuss or review this further - thank you!


How does RTA handle different tax rates when using the vendor list from a single facility? Currently, I set the vendor tax rate based on vendor location (vendor located in MA, work facility is in RI or vice-versa). with states going to “use tax” rather than sales tax, we have to account for where the work is performed as well as where the part was received. Huge PITA, but needs to be tracked accurately.