Mechanic Inspections

Would be really great to have a crowd sourced mechanic inspection template as starting from scratch is very labor intensive.

Hi we use the van inspection and then it is in paperless shop also but the inspection on paper less shop has not been working to well.

@ccsarge05, I love the idea of crowd-sourced mechanic inspections…it’s actually an idea we’ve been tossing around for some time. I spoke to another customer at conference this week who is also interested, so we might be able to get some traction on this.

@TBRAY, could you clarify what hasn’t been working well in paperless shop mechanic inspections?

We are having the PM inspections freeze up when we are in the paperless shop app.

Doug we can check like 2 or 3 items off and then it just freezes and we can not do anything. We will start the inspection again and it does the same.

Just a couple of possible ideas to look at based on my experiments:

  1. Look at a wiki page service like Alfresco, Wordpress, or Microsoft Sharepoint to provide a place where invitees can chime in with ideas. Degree of access can be controlled so you can limit who can comment, or edit, or just look.

  2. I am now using OneNote 2016, comes with MS Office Professional 2016, and have several coworkers invited so we can collaboratively work on some projects like SOP manual.

For either suggestion, users need a login, typically an email address set up by employer. It’s a bit like having a shared Word document that other people with access can help edit.

You could even have a shared spreadsheet or text document. Spreadsheets are nice when you have steps to arrange or reorganize as you tweak the list. I use line numbers like in computer programs, usually increments of 10, so I can add lines in between if needed.

When your checklist is ready, you can copy it and paste into the RTA checklist. (Another benefit of this approach is that you can email it to yourself at home and work on it over the weekend. Did I just say that?)