Mechanic job history by name

I’m trying to run Vehicle history reports that have the mechanic name/number associated with each repair with notes, but there is no report,

There is no mechanic history report that will give us the information on repeat repairs, the superintendent here wants to run reports showing the number of road calls , A/C repairs and Vehicle repair request, I can’t get any report that will show the mechanic that works on the vehicle.

RTA gives you no way to run a report on vehicle request sent in from our compounds.
You can’t run a report on what Vehicle requests have been made up, if they were repaired and if they were repaired

Hi Charles,

Please call RTA and ask for Larry Werts to discuss this issue. I would like to learn more.

Try running the “WO Transaction Report by Vehicle” (ROV) This report gives a detail summary with the mechanic number and you can select to include individual line notes.