Messenger passwords

Is there any other way to update employee passwords for Messenger, here for the school system we have to change our email passwords every 90days, I have messenger in RTA setup to work with our email system, outlook express, right now every time we change passwords we have to go into setup users in RTA and reenter the new password for each employee. It would be nice if Messenger was available for everybody with the option to reset password as needed.

You can set SSM#8 to expire passwords every 90 days, and the users will be prompted to change it.

Josh I get the message, this is not not part of our RTA software package.

After I reset the passwords to every 90days how does messenger passwords get updated, I don’t want mechanics and supervisors going into the setup employees so that they can update there password and I don’t want to have to go in and update them myself each time.

It will prompt them for a new password when they log in if it has expired.

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