Mobile App Barcode Adjustment

I noticed when trying to look up through the app for a part based on the barcode on the part packaging, the app adds a “0” to the front of the number. My work around was just to add a “0” to the an additional UPC vendor cross reference with a normal UPC barcode that a normal hand-held barcode reader reads so both the desktop scanner and the mobile app scan work together. It would be nice if the app did not add the “0” though.

Agreed 100%

Though I would like to expand on is if when inputting part numbers to lookup or post parts into work orders or inventory, it would recognize UPC formatted numbers that have the leading 0 missing automatically. Also conversely, if a UPC is added as a part number with a missing leading zero, have a prompt to append a 0 to that number.

If I remember from the info gathered at the time, UPC scanning on a mobile device is some sort of standard across apps and it appends the leading zero automatically. After some reading and trial and error, I’ve found our shop’s wedge barcode readers could be programmed and we set them to add the leading 0’s as the app does.

Hey @bchewell I just tried this and my UPC came through perfectly. Mind if I have one of the support team reach out to see if there’s a setting on your phone, or something unique about the barcode you are scanning?

I don’t mind at all. I already spoke to Spencer from RTA yesterday. I can tell you that it does not happen with the app every time, but when it does, I agreed to send Spencer a picture/barcode to you guys if it seems to happen with a specific set of parts more than others. Still really looking forward to implementing this app within our company!

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