Mobile App for PO Generation

I would love for our mobile workforce to be able to generate a PO number on the mobile app.

Hey Kelly! Welcome to the community!

Can you elaborate on that process a little? Do you want them to be able to just create a PO, or add some items to it? Or do the full PO process on a mobile device (receiving lines, updating pricing/quantities, etc)?

I would just like them to be able to create a PO with some basic information like unit number, part description, and VMRS code. Maybe a comment field if there was anything unique like a quoted price. Otherwise our guys call a vendor and just give them their name for a PO and we never get a paper or electronic PO. At least this way, we would have some basic information to further setup the PO in the office. I don’t see a need to receive on the mobile device because we usually do that at our desk when we receive the invoice. Thanks for asking!

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