It would be nice if the mobile app would show the cost of a part. If a vendor comes to the shop, our manger doesn’t have to go up to his office, he could look at app and see what our cost is.

Yes this would be handy apps, it would save lots of time. Also it would be nice to see vendor number on the po screen as you are creating the po. so you can confirm the vendor number just by looking at screen when vendor is at your desk.

@steven.lambert you are talking about the vendor’s part number, not the vendor number right?

I’m sensing a theme here :wink:

Thanks @Kelly, are you guys using the mobile app already?

Yes, for about a week now. We love it as we are not always near a computer. It recently saved us as I was out on a call, when one of my mechanics asked me to pick up some filters, I looked on the app and it showed 6 in stock with the bin location, so I was able to point him in the right direction!



yes I was talking about the vendor part number in the po beside the Part number, this will make it easier to look for info.

I would like to add that the price would be nice, but also noticed with the correct credentials, you can update the parts master file with an associated vender barcode from the app. Which is great, but it wont let you put in the cost of the part when adding the UPC. That throws off the average price of the parts master file

Hey @bchewell it won’t throw off the average price unless you forget to change it when you receive a PO (which you definitely should be checking the price against the invoice before doing the receipt as a best practice). But adding the price field is a great idea here either way!

Okay, my mistake. I must have been looking at it wrong. Still an amazing product no matter how you use it! Please keep up the great work!