Mobile App-User interface edits

This question has come up multiple times about the user interface in RTA Mobile. The issue is when certain lookups, such as the parts lookup screen or WO lookup screen allows to search, but the search results hide at the bottom under a drag (hidden) menu. Users would like results to list without having to drop their keyboard and drag the list up from the bottom of the screen. New users especially find this confusing and assume there are no results.

In Xerifleet, when assigning a new inspection, while selecting a vehicle the user is confused to have to identify the vehicle then confirm the choice by tapping the “Back Arrow” in the top-left corner. To the common user, this feels like stepping backward and would rather have a “confirm” or “continue” button in the bottom-right to progress to the next screen (after the vehicle is selected). It feels wrong to make a selection, then “go back” when we’re so used to a back-arrow reversing whatever action we just made.


I agree with the RTA Mobile issue with the lookup showing right away instead of having to drag up on the menu. Saves a step

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What I would like to see is a bit more unified and more efficient user experience across the mobile, desktop, and web applications. Search results between the apps vary and can be radically different.

The desktop version prompts for the ID number up front (Part Number, Vehicle Number, etc) from a select dialog box. However to search by other fields requires a skip to the lookup by pressing F1 or enter. To save on steps for the user, I’d like to see the select dialog box merged with the master screen itself, as demonstrated by my picture.

The mobile app search is unlike anything I have used before, though it seems like it would be better suited for the web version. The web app search seems better suited for the mobile app. Clicking on the search and immediately seeing the entire screen covered with out a transition is quite jarring, mostly because the desktop and web app require an additional click to pull up a lookup or advanced search options and a confirm click where on mobile it’s instantaneous. Also if I don’t use the app almost daily, I find myself backing out of the search screen at least once without fail.

Finally I’d like to see additional features such as wildcard or regular expression searches supported sometime in the future.