More to Class Info Tab

There is more than one size of tires, rims and multiple axels on heavy trucks and equipment. Can RTA add more areas to the Class Info Tab? Also can add the information from the General tab, Class Tab, and User Defined tab all be one place? Lastly, the ability to print off data as a window sticker with the vehicles photos. This would make insurance reporting easier.

@RLong, thanks for the feedback. Do you have an example of a windows sticker with photos that you would want printed?

This is my need for a Vehicle Dashboard. Something all in one place that can be printed on two pages. An example of the dashboard data, I hastily made in MS paint for you.

This shows all the Vehicle Data without multiple reports. I use this when making an argument for buying vehicles. I can use them in title packets, insurance claim, and police reports. Simple report multiple page reports(from RTA) are a bother for State auditors, Council and CFO’s.

What you can do to make this happen?


Thanks for the detail. I’m curious to see what other folks think and other suggestions they might have. It is certainly possible to build this type of report in our new RTA Reporting solution we announced at conference (not yet released) or as a custom Crystal report.

Nice work on the vehicle info screen

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Having the ability to add ‘same’ field names with different info to the class tab as well as being able to quickly combine General, Class and UD tabs would be helpful for me. Right now I’m cobbling together info from the Lookup list and a ‘master’ info list in excel.

@KOKeeffe, Could you provide more clarification on what you mean by “‘same’ field names with different info”?