Multiple Facility Indicators

Would be nice to have the option of changing tab boarder colors or back ground colors when in a different facility. This would alert the user better of what facility they are in instead of trying to look out for a small number in the upper left hand corner. There has been more than a couple of occasions where myself or other personnel are editing a field in Facility #1 when we thought we where in Fac #2.

Having the Tab boarder colors or back ground colors changed from one facility to another is a great idea. We have been having a lot of issues when working with multiple facilities. Mechanics like to use the vehicle lookup feature in the work order module but they don’t pay attention to which facility the work orders belong to.

How many facilities do you both have? Would you want each facility to have it’s own color, or just distinguish between my default facility and the other facilities?

Having both options would be user friendly for others in different situations, but I only have three facilities so I would like to have three different colors to easily differentiate between them all.

We operate three facilites. We would benefit from this the most if each facility would have it’s own color.

Having each facility a different color would be helpful to us. We currently have three facilities.

I think what would be the most beneficial would be to be able to distinguish between the default facility and the other facilities.