Multiple Vehicles on a Work Order

Nice to have the ability to add multiple vehicles to a Work Order. This comes in handy when you have something that is done for the fleet or numerous vehicles. i.e. Fleet Washing by an outside vendor, they will provide a Invoice for all the units. You would then have to create individual WO’s in RTA. With having the ability to add multiple vehicles to 1 Work Order you would save a lot of time especially if there are a lot of vehicles on the vendor invoice.
Costs would be entered as a total on the WO but when the WO is completed those costs are divided by the number of vehicles on the WO i.e. total cost of $1,000 and there are 20 units then each unit receives a charge of $50.00.
in other maintenance software I have used this has been referred to as X Factoring or Multiple Vehicle WO.

Quick repair posting might help here. Either that or using campaigns in the service bulletins.

Sounds like it’d be an outside job you’d usually need this for?

These are typically Outside Repairs. The Quick PM Post (I think the name should be changed as you can quick post PMs and normal repair orders) would work if you could select an Outside vendor instead of a mechanic. Our normal users do not have access to create/add service bulletins so they couldn’t use that.