MVM Would like to track Warranty via alternate meters

You cannot use all tracking means at once to track PMS or WARRANTY (DAYS, HOURS, MILES(KMS)).

You can use days and hours
You can use miles(kms) and days,
But you can’t use hours and miles(kms).

This affects many of our on-road units as lot of them are using alternate (two) meters which affects warranty and PM fields.

An example would be on the Warranty or PM side; 1000 hours or 20000km or 1 year. A lot of the time we track units for PMS in hours but the vendor tracks it in Kilometers, but because we cannot use kilometers and hours we only track in the hours side and miss the kilometers side. We should be able to do all 3 and even if we use only 1 for fuel, we update the actual meter readings when a WO is generated. In a lot of instances, the days field is not used for anything other than warranty and seasonal services. I would say 90% of the fleet is tracked in hours or kilometers on warranty.

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