Navagator page Facility number

Is there any way for the RTA Navigator page to have the ability of showing the Facility that is open, I use multiple screens and each one has a different Facility open but I cant tell which facility until I go into parts or work orders. The main page needs to have the ability of giving you a facility number that is open.

The issue has been brought up before.

6 votes so far. Personally, I think this is a major issue and a solution needs to be found. This situation is prone to errors by all types of users.

A few thoughts on this that hopefully someone else can develop further.

[1] Although RTA allows using same vehicle numbers in different facilities, we try to number vehicles, equipment, departments, fuel tanks, etc., uniquely. Using this method, if I’m in the wrong facility, the record number I want isn’t even on the list so I know I’m in the wrong place. Usually, that is, but nothing’s totally foolproof. (Fools can at times be admirably determined individuals.)

[2] If some people normally work on tasks in a different facility than someone else, consider changing the user’s default facility in user setup. Some people probably do this already so this is just a reminder for others that you can do such things in RTA.

[3] Related to above, look at restricting or eliminating access to certain facilities for certain users, also done in user setup. This could prevent accidental edits in the wrong facility. I have myself set up to look but not edit in another facility that I need to check sometimes but don’t want to accidentally change. As an option, people could still edit other facilities after entering a password; this added prompt might increase awareness of what facility she/he is working in. The password option would a switchable in setup.

[4] I do kind of like the color coding if you only have a few facilities. Setup would offer a standard and limited palette of colors, twelve perhaps. You could also just make the facility identifier larger and more conspicuous. Maybe do both. I don’t think that, under ordinary circumstances, there is such a thing as too much clarity. Notice I wrote clarity, not honesty. There definitely is such a thing as too much honesty. :sunglasses:

[5] About five years from now, RTA will ask you in a pleasant but slightly stern voice: “Warning, you are about to enter data in facility five. Are you sure that you are in the correct facility? Say ‘yes’ to continue or ‘no’ to return to the previous menu.” (Or enter your response using the configured input method.) Of course you can choose from at least several different voices. The system administrator would have the option to record scripted audio prompts using employee voices.

Thanks for the feedback erict. Our issue comes from the fact that our units might travel from one facility to another. Work can be done at one facility or the other. All our fleet is under one facility only, so we use a X-Ref. The mechanics do have view only and still, when doing a lookup vehicle in the WO module, they can access other facilities wos because they do not pay attention to the facility.