Need a description box of inventory in the Master Vehicle Maintenance

In need of a description of inventory in the Master Vehicle Maintenance. For example, I have mowers. The model name and brands leave no room to add a description of it. Is it walk behind or Zero-turn or gang mower? Same with power washers, we have 5 from stationary, trailer mounted, portable small heated and unheated. I’ve been using the license plate box but it is not big enough to fit more text. Also when I print off the inventory the description needs to be near the model type box.

You could try categorizing those units by Class Code. You can then give it a description for each of those categories. Example:
Mower A - Walk Behind
Mower B - Zero-Turn
Mower C - Gang Mower

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We use the registration box to add details on units.

I wound up using the licence plate area for tools and equipment.

RTA still needs an area for description.