Notify Customer/Fleet Manager when WO are started/completed

There’s currently a way to notify 1 customer linked to an asset that a work order is completed through email (as long as that person is registered as a customer). It would be great to notify that customer when the job is started and/or status updates throughout the work order.
An alternative thought would be to have the same notifications also set up to a secondary location, such as a fleet manager to be notified when work is completed without running a report or dashboard. Have all start and finish notifications be sent to the fleet manager, and have an alternative notification contact option for a customer/department/group.

I agree, It would also be awesome to have a option to notify the operator and send a email with the WO notes. Our drivers frequently ask if they could get feedback automatically from the maintenance department.


Agreed, it would be nice if we could have an email notification sent to the driver/operators for each vehicle. The notification is currently set to the department head or contact and that person doesn’t necessarily care about all of the vehicles in their pool.

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