Paperless Inspection Checkboxes

I would like a way to check items as OK for multiple items at a time or a checkbox to check all items as OK in the paperless inspections. Checking all items one by one when you have 75 items becomes a tedious job for mechanics.

If this change is considered please make sure that it is an option. Batch checking undermines the goal of ensuring that each item is looked at and then its status recorded. This was one of the original goals of the module. Our experience shows that consistency is lost when technicians aren’t led precisely through a lengthy inspection.

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@rongambini, that is my concern as well. Isn’t the point of an inspection that they actually inspect each individual item?

@Joel, I’m curious why they want a “Check All” option. Is the inspection too long? Are they doing the inspection on paper first and then just using RTA as data entry? Have you tried the new mechanic inspections in the mobile app yet?

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@dperkes, yes you are spot on. Historically we found that technicians would conduct an inspection ‘from memory’ and then go and check off a bunch of items on a paper checklist. Often items that should have been checked were subsequently found to be defective. (maybe often is excessive but too much for my satisfaction) In addition we found that generic checklists would have items marked OK that did not exist on the vehicle.

Our checklists are built for specific chassis+body combinations so every item is applicable to the vehicle being inspected.
We also require the technician to do the inspection with the device in hand checking as they go and in the order that the inspection is built. Our practice is that the inspection is that and only that – an inspection. No repairs are conducted, no oil and filter changes are done.

This has resulted in more consistent inspections and an increase in defects found and repaired during the inspection. End result, better quality inspections as evidenced by improved state inspection scores.

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The mechanics complete the inspection on a paper sheet then complete the inspection on the computer. A mobile device is not an option in our shop.
For the mechanic to check all defects and then have a button to automatically check the rest as “OK” would be a time saver.

I use the same inspection for all of our transit buses and if something does not apply to a certain bus they are working on I have put in a NA check box on the inspection so they can check that box instead of hitting ok. Seems to work pretty good.