Paperless Inspection dynamic GUI checklist interface

Once upon a time one of the enhancement goals to paperless inspection was the development of an interface to simplify and speed up the creation of paperless inspection checklists. As many know the front end prep work and detailed checklist development is an intensive process.

My original proposal to Larry and one which I think is even more viable today is the use of a drag and drop tree hierarchy to create and edit inspection checklists.

Show VMRS codes in a tree style in one window pane and the checklist VMRS codes and associated options in tree form in a second pane. Drag from VMRS pane to appropriate tree branch to add etc., drag or right click functionality to delete etc. As VMRS codes are also used to populate the defects the same methodology can be used.

drop down lists could be used to populate reason codes etc.

With VMRS code maintenance being such a big part of initial paperless inspection setup a dynamic GUI to maintain those tables would be a welcome and much needed addition as well.

Improving the speed and ease of VMRS code maintenance and checklist maintenance (including new) would in my opinion increase the adoption rate of the module.