Paperless Shop Revamp [Prototype]

As we move forward and as time goes by, sometimes it may be necessary to do some screen redesigns. Part of one of our previous ship its a team put together a prototype of a “new” RTA Paperless Shop. This included updated management screens, work screens, and a log in screen.

The primary goal was to reduce the number of screens/prompts that appeared during the normal workflow.

Log in screen (reduced from 4 prompts to 1):

Management(Accountabiltiy) Screen (reduced 8 screens to 1, 3 prompts to 1):

Work Screen (cleaner layout, with more information that was hidden before, specifically time on shift):

Let us know what you think in the comments!

Disclaimer: This is NOT something we are actively working on, but just getting feedback for when we might decide to make changes in these areas.

It may become a moot point based on what we do with Paperless Shop - Stand Alone Mobile App but it’s good to explore options.


IF your going to do some reworks of paperless. Then I would like to see a seperate labor transactions posted for each day the Tech logs time on a job. Not a running total for all hours clocked.

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There’s a way to do that now. Let me research and get back to you.

Eddie, looks like it was custom for a user. I’ll add a feedback item to add that as a configuration option.

Thanks, would like to see it soon if possable.