Parent-Child Relationship linking changes

We added a column to our home brew RTA data tables with triggers that adds records to a child-to-parent table when we link a parent chassis to its attachments.

When we update or delete the child from the parent it triggers SQL updates on our information as parent notifications when a child unit changes parents that way we can relink the child to a new parent without adding extra effort to unlink the parent. i.e. Linking becomes backwards compatible.

My wish list item is to allow child units to detect, view and update linkage to parents ( bi-directional ) through the linking interface rather than our child-to-parent linkage table. This would require a change at the vehlink table as well as the UI level. Currently you have to link two units together synchronously as “siblings”, but then if one relationship is broken, the other does not update dynamically.

This may keep the relationship one to one, but for all intents of purposes, as a business you want to track which parent unit is currently using the attachment. We were falling prey to attachment units that become orphaned assets because the child units were moved to another parent and the link was unchanged on the old parent.

Imported from [WISH-208] Parent-Child Relationship linking changes