Part Cross Referencing/Fit code referencing

It would be nice to revamp either the fit codes or the parts cross referencing system to be able to tell what parts are similar or interchangeable when trying to post them to Work Orders. For example if you have two different parts that fit the same vehicle and are interchangeable but you want them tracked separately in RTA, you would want some way to see if you have one or both parts available for you to use on your job.

This could be similar to the part catalog option that is currently in RTA.

This could also help with keeping your inventory relevant and avoid ‘stale’ unuseable parts away by tagging parts that may be obsolete because you do not have the type of vehicle in you fleet that takes that part anymore.

The goal of making this change or addition is to help the mechanic and parts manager know what parts are useable and relevant to the jobs at hand and keep inventory in control.