Part mileage tracking

I would like to be able to track the mileage a part was on a vehicle without tracking the warranty for that part as well. Right now, in order to track install dates and mileage wear on parts, or get part failure statistics, the warranty tracking feature must be turned on (even if the warranty is set to 0 months, 0 miles). I would like that to be the default, but just not get warnings about those parts being in/out of warranty.

This is very similar (I think!) to what we are looking for. The Boss would like to track miles on what we think are major parts installed on buses. We’ve been told the way to do that is through Warranties. We could do that but don’t want the notifications, etc, that comes with warranties. Plus, I think that makes an excessive number of open warranties, which bogs down the tracking of our “real” warranties.

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