Part Number prompt on Facility Transfers

I would greatly appreciate having a prompt pop up if the 2 part number fields don’t match when transferring between facilities.

I would like to know what cause you this problem? We currently have the parts number created in all of our facility the same.

We input the part number in the upper field which auto populated the lower field. Realized there was a typo in the upper field, went back up to fix it and totally spaced out that then the 2 fields did not match. We also use identical part numbers across facilities but in this instance we ended up transferring a part from one to the other and turning it into another part. A “lock” switch would not allow us to do that or a prompt would at least remind us to check both fields before hitting “O.K.”.

I finally sat down to go through this workflow. I don’t think I ever realized you could transfer stock from one part # to another this way. It works, but definitely easy to see how a typo in this could cause some serious issues with the pricing of parts that are completely unrelated!