Parts Inventory Snapshots Inventory Point in Time

Add the ability to create Parts Inventory Snapshots that will be stored internally in the software. Either once a month at a minimum, tied to the End of Month Process or allow one to schedule more frequently. Also store the data so it can be used to facilitate an inventory balance/inventory turn over report that is date/point in time based.

yes, Please, Please, Please !

this would be a great audit trail.

@mitchell and @steven.lambert,

Would you want anything else included in the snapshot other than Date & Time, Part #, and Current Total Inventory? How often would you like the snapshot taken?

Would like to have the parts value also.

I would be good with once per month at 0000 AM on first day of the month. Something similar to 5411/MPLL list.
Allow set up for regions and prompts for totals only and/or details

Just my two cents on the topic: I think we would want to gear the snapshot transaction file to store the “Base” data needed to generate a nice Parts Turnover Ratio Report (Point A to B Turn Over Rate). Also I would think we wouldn’t want to have excessive snapshots (this file could get really big really quick with large inventories and multiple facilities). Minimally we would want at least a once a month snapshot with maybe an option for a bi-monthly or possibly even a once a weekly snapshot. However I probably wouldn’t go more than that. Any suggestions out there on the topic would be helpful.

Excellent suggestion. Once a month at midnight on first day of the month would be great. Saved in the system indefinitely but with a purge feature to clear them out per the organizations requirements for audit. The option to have totals only or details stored would help too.

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