Parts kits for parts

We need to be able to make up parts kits in the parts module, that way when we look up a Thermostat its a kit that includes the gasket, also we have engine rebuilds where we need a kit so we can order the same parts each time for a certain engine, A/C compressors need a kit, we always replace the A/C compressor and the Dryer.

i currently use parts kit for this, it work good.

So how do you setup a parts kit in the parts module, I currently have parts kits set up in the Parts kit module for Preventive maintenance, in that module you have to have a VMRS code associated with it.

we use the part kit in pm, so each parts is kept in stock as stand alone parts. But when needed you bill the kit. So you can keep the kit number as number. You can also add the part kit to another kit if needed. the only issue you can’t do a kit inventory, you can only do a stand alone parts inventory.