Parts Reservation Enhancement

Something that would be helpful in RTA would be a more useful "Reservations List". The way it's set up now the only thing any user can do to it is delete the reservation. It'd be very handy if there was a way to archive them. Frequently I'll be told that a part was requested but I never ordered it. If the Reservation is deleted I can't find any info about it. Another feature that would be very helpful would be if we could do some sort of "update" to the reservation. As it stands now if the part has been superseded or a greater part needs to be ordered because the smaller part is NLA there's no way to fill the reservation. It has to be deleted. Then the mechanics have no way to tell if the parts been ordered/received etc. We should be able to make or add to a PO from the reservation list. The notes in the PO and/or the part should include all the info off the reservation. That would be awesome. The mechanics should be able to choose a shipping method on the Reservation. If they need it fast they need to come into my office and tell me. They may as well just tell me they need the part while their in my office, making the reservation is redundant after that. We should be able to add notes to reservation that the mechanics can check and add to. That way we can track where we are on a "Project" order. This may be a feature already that I don't have access to: The Mechanics shouldn't be able to delete the reservation. If we had the note feature they could just request it be deleted. It's confusing to start making an order for a part and have the reservation disappear. A right click menu could hold all of these options. Thanks.

Imported from [WISH-122] Parts Reservation Enhancement