Pick from list of PM Due Soon parameters in PM setup screen

Currently, PM defaults are global. It would be beneficial if we could alter certain PMs to flag as due in more wide (or more narrow) unit gaps.

Would utilizing a % be useful? eg within 10% of it’s interval, so a longer PM would have a longer lead time?

PM A: 6000 miles, would be due soon at 600 miles
PM B: 12000 miles, would be due soon at 1200 miles


Or, would you want 2 or more global schedules to pick from when you set up a PM?

Setting this at an individual level could be troublesome, since you end up with a patchwork of standards, and if you forget one or want to adjust them in bulk, it would take a lot of upkeep.

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Would you be able to individually assign the percentages? I’m sure your solution would help in some way, but I can’t currently think of any within my organization. Due to the way we have our PMs linked, the goal would be to do PM A at 6K, then do PM A & PM B at 12K.

The problem that we are experiencing is more in line with the “days” unit, which I’m not quite sure how that would function with %’s.

For example:
• Inspection State: needs to be done by 3/31/18 or else that vehicle is OOS. We want this to flag all month (30 days)
• Quarterly Interior Cleaning: Also due 3/31/18 in PM schedule. We would prefer to have this on a 14 day flag because if it is missed, it is not too big of a deal.

Unfortunately, in March this bit us. We had all of our PMs flagging at 14 days out. Then our mechanics failed to complete all of the inspections once they all became flagged mid-March. That was when I moved our defaults to 30 days, but I feel that is unnecessary for certain PMs. This also made the PM Due Report much longer, thus harder to schedule/prioritize.

Selecting from 2 global schedules per unit type would solve this problem!

To ease the upkeep, could you add a dual checkbox system within each PM / template WO. Have one of them be the current default, but the other would be the new alternative unit schedule.

Thanks for the quick response

OK, I updated the description. I really like the idea, it solves a good problem. PMs is a big program, so it’ll be a challenge, but if enough people are on board, then anything is possible.

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Is there any progress on this enhancement?

Not yet. It’s not receiving a lot of votes compared to some of the other items, so those are being focused on right now. As soon as we start it, you’ll see the working-on-it badge be applied.

If you want to see how the list breaks down, these are the most popular feature requests.


Can different Facilities operate on different PM Due Soon Parameters?

Not currently. This idea would allow it though.

@eanderson getting a few more votes now… Just gotta keep up the momentum and get more colleagues on board!

I have a similar issue with light duty vehicles. The majority of our fleet is tractor and trailers. PM due soon report default is set for 90 days, 3000 miles.
We have cars and light trucks that are set up on a 45 day interval which makes them show on the due soon list all the time.
We also have a few heavy units that run local and do not travel many miles so they are set up on 45 days also with the same problem.

Having different classes for these units would solve your issue since you can print your pms by department/class. We classified our trucks & trailers that barely move as truck light and trailer light.

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So it sounds like adding this at the class code level would be a better option, or even giving you multiple schedules for each class code.


My thought exactly. At the moment, you can run a report for classes but then, you would have to run multiple reports.

Has there been any movement on this useful feature?

Not yet! But it’s on our radar for our next roadmapping session! It’s definitely got a lot of interest.

I agree fully, with our diverse mixed fleet and extreme operational climate this option is a must for us to integrate into RTA fully. We are currently servicing Heavy Equipment at 200, 250 and 500 engine hour intervals, We service our Light Fleet at 5000, 6000 and 8000 Km intervals, I feel RTA should be able to accommodate these options and provide us accurate PM due soon report and triggers we require when creating repair WOs.

Thanks Del!

Definitely make sure you vote for the issue!