RTA Feedback

Pick from list of PM Due Soon parameters in PM setup screen

I totally agree and feel your pain. But unfortunately this feature does exist. Just that the sales person an the one that helped first set up your RTA system didn’t mention that class codes are the most important thing. I wasn’t around when my system was set up. And by the time I had gotten use to it, I had been taught a few work arounds, but they all take valuable time. You need to have multiple class codes for the same type/size of vehicle/ equipment. i.e. A loader that is used daily to load rocks would be one code. A loader that is used 24 hrs to do the same needs another. A loader used to load loose debris three or for days a week needs another. One used just 6 months a year for snow removal needs and other even though they are the same model/ sized units. This applies to P/U’s or police cars or anything else. Unit location and need for transport/ cost play into this too. The details of how the vehicle is used determines the PM interval and needs class codes to match. I think this is one of the most important things NEW purchasers need to be told and really think about/focus on when first setting up their RTA system. Mine was set up with departments and vehicle cost amounts in mind and is tied into finance. Vehicle types and usage was not given enough thought and needs totally revamped. Something that will take a lot of time and planning with other departments to do. At least this seems to be my situation and sounds like others too. Hope this helps.
P.S. Josh, I hope you can remind or reiterate this with the sales and setup personal. I think it is something that may have been forgotten or devalued on over time. It is also why I think that we should have a place to share designs or procedures for wo’s, class codes, vehicle types, etc. with other seasoned user’s. It give others ideas and we all don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Right. That’s how we are setup in our system. Unfortunately, It requires us to run multiple reports to achieve this.