PO Invoicing System Switch

When entering an invoice number on your PO, can we create an enhancement to prompt when there is a duplicated invoice number that already exists in RTA? The prompt would say “This Invoice already exists, would you like to continue?” We could double check that PO, and if it is from a different vendor we are good to continue and add the duplicate invoice number.

A system switch that enables and disables the ability to turn on and off this prompt in case others do not need this enabled. This would help prevent duplicate POs created inside RTA and avoid multiple charges added to inventory.

We do have an enhancement that we found that will enable this feature on any RTA System. Please reach out to us in tech support to have this feature enabled.

Thank you!

This would be very helpful. To add to this “invoice look up” subject, what would also be great is to add invoice look up for outside work / invoices entered into Work Orders. Currently RTA does this poorly or I am doing something wrong. Great suggestion sparrack.