Pool of Customer Custom Crystal Reports

It would be helpful if there was a location that customers could save their custom crystal reports in an pool area that other agencies/customers could download so that they could alter the report to suit their needs. This would potentially have the ability to save a lot of time for people trying to create a report, and would also potentially save RTA staff time as customers (me) are calling or emailing asking for assistance. This would also be a great idea for the new RTA Reporting Tool when it goes live.


@angie.davis, RTA Reporting has been live for over a year :wink:. You can take one of the sample reports and customize it to meet your needs. To get to RTA Reporting, just go to https://app.rtafleet.com, login with you @rta-host.com credentials, and then click on Reports in the left-hand navigation.

From there, you can select a report and then Duplicate it to customize according to your needs. If you are looking for a particular report that we don’t have yet, please let us know and we will migrate that one over from Crystal to RTA Reporting.

Also, @angie.davis, I think the idea of sharing reports with other RTA customers is great. It really puts the “community” into the software which is something we are really interested in. I’ll keep thinking about that idea a bit more. Do you think there should be any type of approval process in order to publish a report to the larger community to ensure the quality is good or should we just let the community vote on reports that are useful to them?


@dperkes maybe a mixture? I would let the community vote on reports that are useful to each of us; but it would also be helpful if RTA reviewed each report to make sure the report isn’t full of bugs or bad data.


I have lots of reports that we created for our company and would love to share them.

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@angie.davis and @Joel, what if we had a dedicated place on this feedback site for you to share your custom crystal reports? You could attach a file, include screenshots, and have a back-and-forth discussion with other RTA fleet professionals.


@dperkes I think that’s a great solution!!!