Pop up window when entering duplicate invoice number

Would be great if there was a switch that allow for a pop-up when you enter a duplicate invoice number.

Something to check if you’ve used that invoice number on a different PO (but same vendor) before? Would you put a date range on the check (say last 12 months)? Not sure you’d want to check against all time.

Date range would be good. Problem is when vendors give you an invoice when they deliver and another by email and another by hardcopy in the mail I invariably end up entering an invoice twice.

I end up running the PO Vendor Reconciliation report, a lot.

Maybe have a popup showing previously entered invoices that contain the new invoice number characters and let user decide if it’s a duplicate. So if I enter invoice number 12345C (a credit), the popup warning would show invoice 12345, which was the original debit. Yes I have vendors who type in the invoice numbers and do things like use same number with a C after it for credit.

It is possible for two vendors to have same invoice number so the restriction can’t be too rigid. In real life, the invoice number sort of includes vendor ID (like the way vehicle number includes facility number) so every invoice still ends up being unique.

On this same subject, a popup warning about possible duplicate part numbers would be nice. I have four different people adding new parts to inventory and we have things like same part number with and without dashes, with or without spaces, etc. Not every one these days checks to see if a number is already entered. Same sort of alerts about possible duplicate would be nice. Again, user can decide to override or not. Maybe the alert and the override could be options, with another option for requiring pass code or not.

Since this concept is already used for VIN, it could possibly be copied over to other areas after a few tweaks.

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