Posting Date options in Work Orders

When looking up a previous/historical work order, the posting date automatically defaults to today. This assumes that the user ‘might’ be making a change as of today’s date.

In reality, the user may be trying to establish the work order’s posting date as it was when the transactions took place. They hope to do this without having to use the WO Master or Transactions tab. It would be beneficial from an efficiency standpoint to have options to what the “POSTING DATE” refers to. Perhaps a system switch that offers posting date to be when the work order was closed, or the most recent date of a transaction, or today’s date. Options would be appreciated.

The ‘Posting Information’ dialog really should be updated to include the posting date every time the dialog pops up so it stand out better. The posting date is plainly visible on the WO Main Screen, although it doesn’t really stand out from the surrounding information and is easily forgotten, as evident by anyone reading this that just looked to see where it was :laughing:. The simplest solution I could think of is It should default to today’s date, but pressing ‘F1’ would set it to the date the work order was started, and ‘F2’ would set it to the most recent posting date.