Previous inspections on xerifleet

Hi I was wondering if in the Xerifleet app when looking at previous inspection’s if it could just show the Asset that you were doing the pre-trip or post-trip on at that time instead of all of the inspections to date. Thank you,

Tom, I assume you are talking about what shows up when you click on the “Fleet” button then select “Reports”.

The default view is to show “All Vehicles”. However, if you click on the filter icon at the top right of the screen then the “>” next to “All Vehicles” you can select a specific vehicle.

Are you suggesting that we remember the most recent vehicle inspected and by default limit the list of reports to that vehicle?

I was thinking that it might be possible to skip this step and have the reports be a option under the start inspection tab in the inspection screen. Once they pick the vehicle and the pre-trip inspection. Then have a reports tab under the start inspection tab. Then the vehicle they would want to see the previous inspections would already be them. Just to help stream line the process. And make it more user friendly.


That makes sense. I like it.

After talking with Dustin I discovered that all the issues that have not been resolved with previous inspections automatically flow into the current inspection. In addition, at the bottom of the inspection is the link to the previous inspection. So this should meet their needs.

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