Purchase Order Authorization by Part Number

Could we have the ability to require PO authorization for fields other than cost? For example part number? I have some facilities that like to use a generic ‘expense’ part number for PO creation as opposed to our actual part number, i’d like for those instances to trigger an authorization request. It would also be handy for parts that we have fabricated at one of our shops, to keep another shop from ordering through an outside vendor.

Would this only be for certain parts? Like flag the approval process to receive a part with these conditions?

Yes. So our generic ‘expense’ part numbers would be 7 digits, the actual part numbers are 8. I would like to be able to put a condition that ‘if part number is less than 8 digits’ request authorization. Or ‘if part number equals 13246578’ request authorization.

That would most likely make this very custom to you specifically, and not really work for other customers that may be doing their parts rooms differently. I was thinking more along the lines of a checkbox on the part file itself that would require approval, you would just need to go through and mark the parts that should require approval.

We could make that work as well. The parts needing approval would not be many, therefore selecting those needing approval should be simple.