Quick Fluid Entry in Mobile or RTA Inspect

Techs will, at times, perform pre-trip or post-trip inspections through RTA Inspect and discover that additional fluids (oil, trans fluid, wiper fluid, etc.) need to be added. It would be beneficial to either have in RTA Inspect or RTA Mobile a process to simply perform a quick fluid entry, similar to FFQ in RTA desktop. Otherwise, either a driver report is being submitted or an RTA Inspect line is failed as a reminder to post those parts in desktop at a later date.

This would be great, as long as this items are posted to the unit under a specific vrms code for maybe pm or supply. We need to see the cost under the vehicle history. At this time we need to open multiple wo per day to invoice regular oil and supply to operator’s daily.

@ddastrup quick fuel entry is available for Mobile, not sure if you knew!

Quick fuel entry is, but it would be great to also include quick parts entry for fluid top offs or quick parts, like in FFQ > OILS

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Having the ability to charge out parts and fluids through the fuel would be very beneficial to us too. I am looking into a fuel and fluids management system (significant cost). If the app could input the parts/fluids I think we could avoid getting another system in place.