Replace Start/End ranges in reports with new F1 lookup results

I’d like to be able to choose a range or lookup when doing reporting.

With the lookup option, I’d like to apply a filter to a list, and then have the report only generate data for the filtered results.

We’d need to be able to apply multiple filters, as several reports have multiple ranges (eg Starting/Ending Vehicle, VMRS Code, Date range, etc).

Isn’t this already in the works? It seems like one of the classes at conference addressed this or at least something very similar. “Power: Lookup List”

The new F1 lookup addresses what i found to be one of the most restricting areas in RTA. It is a home run in my opinion. By using the power of the F1 lookup to tailor the result set for a report is a significant improvement.

Great job on the F1 enhancement and you have my vote to enhance the current report prompts with it.

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The lookup is, but being able to use the filter from a lookup in a report is not. It’d take rewiring the reports, which would be a fairly daunting task due to the sheer volume of reports in the system, but you’d be able to really hone in your reporting criteria.