Replacement projections (3-5 year look ahead)

I really like the new vehicle replacement reporting. I would love to use it to do future replacements for upcoming years. (i.e. 5 year projections.)

I like this. You could either do a life average, or maybe even a weighted 5 year average to predict the next year’s costs/mileage, then roll that out 5 years and calculate the points on a projected basis.

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Yes that would be great!

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With the federal requirement for asset management, we (transit) are required to have this information in our plan. When we bring a new vehicle I have a projected replacement date before the new bus even is in service. Between federal guidelines on minimum useful life and useful life benchmarks and local knowledge of average miles on that category of bus, I can project the replacement date. I also project midlife rebuilds and major component replacement. The hard part to this is putting it all down on excel.
The new transit asset management plan (TAM plan) That incorporates this with cost and the rest of your maintenance plan.