Replacement Rating System

  1. Provide a point / rating system based off guidelines. (Age, Mileage, Reliability, Condition, and Service Type) that is automatic. I’ve made it with a Crystal Report from the data pulled, but it would be really nice to just run a standard report thru RTA to get this.
  2. Give the ability to kick someone out of RTA with a LVL 3 Password.

As for #1 on the list, I believe we have a report in RTA that does this already. It may not be the exact Criteria, but we built this to satisfy this need.

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#2 on your list is already available. System → Set Up Users → Active Logins Maintenance
You can send a group message to get out (for period reporting, etc) or you can delete user sessions.

@haleym, Just for clarity, you can send the message to the users from that utility, but deleting a session does not kick the user out, it just removes the tracking record from that screen.

If I’m not mistaken, by holding Ctrl + Alt + End there is an administrative option to view users, though in our fleet only one person had access to that option a while ago. There is also an admin utility as an RDP file called View Users that will list the active users in RTA and from there they can be given the boot.

As for the replacement scoring report, it seems like this post about adding custom reports would fit the bill and could use more votes and attention.