RTA Feedback

Require Brake/Tire inspections for certain VMRS codes

When a repair is done, I’d like to require mechanics to complete both a brake and tire inspection for certain jobs. I’d do this by having a check box for both tire and brake inspections in the VMRS file, that I could choose which jobs need those inspections done.

We have overcome this by including blank spaces for both Tire & Brake measurements within the checklist of certain Template WOs. These bullets would be within the paper that is printed out for the job:

  • Tires Tread Depth Front Min: 6/32 LF____ RF ____
  • Drive Min:2/32 LR____RR_____; Tag Min:2/32 LT____RT_____

We also leave blank spaces to record the Voltage of batteries

We have the inspection module and attach an inspection to the VRMS code. Therefore you can make the inspection require brake, tire measurements and other items to be inspected. The work order can not be closed until the inspection is completed. Once the inspection has been completed it can’t be altered.