Retail Work Orders, Look up List, vhrtlprn.cob

This program (vhrtlprn.cob) is the only way to see a list of WO's that shows the customer's vehicle numbers, not the RTA retail vehicle number.
Couple concerns about the look-up list using the vhrtlprn.cob program:

1) I can't pull up just open WO's. It lists all WO's for the customer. It should have the option to select Open, Closed, or All.
2) The WO list only displays by a single customer#, so you can't see a list of all retail's open WO's, regardless of the customer number. Why couldn't we have the option of leaving the Customer# field blank, so when you press the F2 key in the Vehicle ID field it would list all retail WO's, of course with the options of Open, Closed, or All?

Imported from [WISH-214] Retail Work Orders, Look up List, vhrtlprn.cob