Review Driver Reports Screen

We recently began using the EDVIR reports screen interface with Zonar. One thing that has become an issue is the notes area. Each piece of information is limited to only 20 characters. This is fine for the ‘Location’ and ‘Component’ pieces. However, the actual ‘Condition’ piece, which is where the driver can put a little note about the defect, needs to be significantly larger at least in the notes area.

An example is “Check engine light came on - did not seem to affect driving” comes across as “Check engine light came o”. The mechanic has to go to Zonar just to get the rest of the message which takes a lot more time.

I would like to have this area reconfigured to include all information provided under Condition. Maybe keep the the Location and Component part on the first line and then start Condition on the second line showing the entire information. This does not have to really affect the grid of information either which is summary.