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We have used RTA for 12-13 years now and the system has been great. However as times change we need to change with them and we are interested in seeing what is possible for expanding utilization of RTA. Some of these ideas have been expressed in past site visits and many times your guys try to make something already in place meet our needs and most of the time it cannot cover the entire spectrum of what we would like to accomplish. So we would like to wish list our idea and see what happens. We are aware of the driver logs, scheduler, and the messenger, which combined could potentially accomplish (to a certain extent) what we are trying to do. We like the idea of the driver logs but the inherent problem we face is that we would have to make RTA accessible to all vehicle operators which we could do. However we would then have to supply accessible terminals (hardware) to operators or locations that would not normally need or be provided one. Currently we rely on emails and coinciding calendars as our main communication interface with our customers. Everyone employed must have an email address and since not all employees have computers everyone is issued a smart phone at least which also allows communication via phone calls. We were thinking something along the lines of either a mobile app or a mobile log in. Just being able to log into RTA remotely at this time would not do us any good because the system simply doesn’t possess the capabilities that we are looking for. Imagine RTA with basically its own built in communication, calendar, and notification program or for lack of a better term email program. A program/app that allows operators to send driver reports from their mobile devices anytime, anywhere, to the fleet managers via RTA. From there a work order is generated by a designated fleet representative, assigned to a technician, clocked on to, parts posted, completed, and closed. (This is the parts we are really interested in) During that entire process it would beautiful to have and automated notification or option for “push notification” back to the operator’s mobile device making them aware of the status throughout the process. Something along the lines of “driver report received”, “WO# Opened on unit #”, “technician active on WO#”, “WO# Completed”. It would be even better if the scheduler was equally capable of all the same notification. We obviously know that this is an immense amount of work to get the program to interact this way but by encompassing this in one software it would greatly reduce the amount of applications needed for one to complete the day to day tasks. Between notifications, scheduling, VDRs (vehicle discrepancy reports) or driver logs, and tracking the work accomplished we use email, telephone, calendars, RTA and at least one paper form to accomplish this. After being in this industry for 15 years and managing for 6 wrapping all that into one sweet little program called RTA

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I have spoken to a few clients that have expressed interest in either Driver-tier users or full users with a remote, Driver Report DVIR option accessible form a smartphone. Now that we have Dashboards and Parts available for the RTA App, they’d like to submit vehicle reports or work-order requests easily for their drivers without having to purchase an additional system such as Zonar or GeoTab.

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