RTA - Vivid Tb Colors

Requesting vivid tab colors, suitable for someone that is color blind. Can't see next hi ighted button.

Imported from [WISH-161] RTA - Vivid Tb Colors

Thought I was the only one, not only color blind issues, but some of our computers are exposed to outside light reflection can’t tell you how many mechanics and personnel get frustrated because they cant see the light blue color tab. This definitely needs to change.

We are looking at this in the web app, but for the desktop app, if you have updated in the last 2 years, this is controlled by your windows desktop theme.

For example in mine, the title bar is blue, the active tab color is white, and the background tabs are gray. Same as it is in Task Manager.

Thanks for adding your feedback Travis!

Sorry this is not the tab I was talking about, here is the tab I was talking about. Even thought it looks vivid in the pic when you have old monitors or monitors that are somewhat outside with glare (bay doors open) you can hardly see the color of the tab that is highlighted. Is there a way to change it on my end?

Unfortunately no, it’s the same story there as well.

You are using Windows 7, so support might be able to help discover a few settings, but I know in Windows 10, they removed a lot of the individual color settings, and you now have a lot less control over the look and feel of most windows apps (color blind users are up in arms about this).