Schedule Push Notifications to notify drivers to do Inspections

Through Xerifleet/RTA Inspect, customers would like to scheduled push notifications that go to the drivers phone that remind them to fill out a driver report.

definitely a much needed idea! we have to constantly remind out drivers to use the app.

Would this be something where a reminder would go out at a specific time each day? How would you set this up if it existed?

manually, depending on if a user hasn’t done a report in a few days we would send out a notification or yes it would be certain time of day

So would you want to set up a schedule for each driver for different shifts? And then have some sort of notification settings where you could say something like X number of days without and inspection send a reminder?

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yeah i think that logic would be perfect!

how do we go about building custom addons?

What are you referring to in this case?

it would be great if an employee when doing there RTA inspect all be able to Sign out that car as well and on the vehicle status show that Vehicle # “101” is currently in use by “John Smith” until he logs out after shift