Search funtion template

Love Love Love the new column search functions. I use the same search criteria almost 95 % of the time - would like to save that criteria as search default. IE; Text Filters , Contains.

Hey @Bill!

Could you maybe explain a little more what you are wanting? Currently the save grid function should save pretty much everything about the grid, including the “search” text, the filters you have set, and even any groups you may have set!

As far as setting it as default, there is a “Set as Default” button on the save screen that will save that as the default for that calling program (i.e. you when you are posting a part to a WO inside of paperless, it will always bring up Preset A, but when you are just going to Part Maintenance from the main screen, it will always pull up Preset B).

hi Jacob.
So I finally had a chance to play around with the Default functions. Although interesting, it’s not what I’m after. What would be handy, when you hover over the search glass in any column, click on the glass, the Values / Text Filters box appears. I prefer to use the Text Filters option dropping down to the Contains filter. On the parts side, i.e., vehicle parts history - description - The filter shows not only part searched but also work order #'s and dates as it’s being searched. I’d like to be able to save that search parameters as a default but haven’t found where I can pre-set the search filter as a default. Phew, that’s a mouthful, if it doesn’t make sense, call me and you can dial in and I’ll show you what I’m referring to. Thanks again for listening and I do Love the new search function - just want to tweak it.

I would like to see a better option for Searching. If we need to search, in detail, for information you must use the list. Instead what if we can open the screen, say the WO screen with no preselected information and search for customer with WO dates between 0901 and 0930 with WO total between 1500 and 1750. If the open then screen with a query button option it would make the search quicker.