SG*- Add a "Cancel" on final "Information" dialog box

We should add a "Cancel" or "Exit" option button to the final "Information" dialog box to cancel the Purge of Fuel, WOs, Parts, Tire, and Motorpool records. As it stands the only way to cancel the operation and follow the suggestion in the Information, "please make a copy of your data files that you are creating after running this process." screen is to use Windows Task Manager to kill the RTA executable an make sure they have the "Archive" switch set to yes. If they did not set this switch making a copy of the system will not matter.
The User Manual goes into good detail but adding a Cancel" or "Exit" button and taking the user back to the Purge "select" screen will allow them the opportunity to not foul up their data.

Imported from [WISH-201] SG*- Add a "Cancel" on final "Information" dialog box