Shop Scheduler Options

The main change we would like is in the automatic email that is sent to the contact person if the vehicle license plate information could be used in place of the unit number.

Currently the subject line of an email sent via the scheduler reads as follows:

Service Notification for Vehicle: 00001-1970

We would like to to read more along the lines of:

Service Notification for Vehicle: Lic # S56-501

This is due to 90% of the vehicle operators not being able to identify their vehicle by the unit numbers and only referencing them by the license plate number.

Also, we were wondering if it would be too much trouble to also include vehicle year, make, and model information in the email subject line such as:

Service Notification for Vehicle: Lic # S56-501, 2000 Ford E-150

I would be happy with just switching from using the unit number to the license plate number, but if adding the make, model, year info wouldn't be too much of a bother, would be ok with adding that as well.

Imported from [WISH-116] Shop Scheduler Options