RTA Feedback

Surplus Inventory

What is everyone’s “best practice” procedures to remove inventory parts from RTA after they have been approved by the Finance Department for surplus or disposal? Do you manual charge them out against a specific GL code? We have processed a PO with negative quantities in the past but that felt very clunky. What are some other methods to get the part and the cost out of RTA?

Last year someone here gave a great idea. I ran with it. Started a new facility number and moved surplus, obsolete parts to it. Doing this way has many gains. I have now a detailed list for auction. The cost and price all match up when moved. My CFO was impressed. I do the same for taking vehicles and equipment out of service for replacement. I add " X- " prefix to any part or vehicle/equipment outgoing to help visually on the list.

I hope this works for you

I had considered something along those lines. So does the cost of those item just reside in the “phantom” facility?