Surplussed parts-What is the best way to remove from inventory?

When we surplus the last vehicle of its kind, we surplus the parts that are specific to that vehicle at the same time. What are your procedures to remove those parts from inventory?

I like an actual paper trail. I create a bin location, say “Auction 2018”, move everything I want to get rid of to that bin location. I then print the count sheet, verify inventory and then save the file to my computer under an auction title. The paper sheet goes in my file cabinet. After that, it’s your call, I like to keep the numbers on file for a while. Seems like the boss always wants to know what happened to such and such part, lol. Also gives me an audit trail. Parts actually end up going to an auction clearing house about twice a year. Logical thing to do would be delete part range to help keep file smaller. I have a hard time doing that, I like the history !!