Suspend Replacement and Depreciation Schedules

Program into the system a way to turn or toggle off the replacement and depreciation schedules. When we find ourselves facing a recession, municipalities need to make budget cuts. Fleet generally is asked to make adjustments to the vehicle replacement and depreciation schedule. In order to make these adjustments it would be nice if RTA would allow to shut off via a system switch or an option to check on each unit.

On the replacement tab there is this option to check, to use or not to use the schedule. But I am not aware of this option on the depreciation tab. How we are doing it in Vancouver is going into each unit and making the adjustment and that’s time consuming.

Suggested system parameter pictures attached.

This is the other image Dan wanted to upload

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Great Idea! It would be interesting to see if fleet as an industry has a list of emergency scenarios that would impact a fleet management software in ways that a “Emergency” tab should be added next to the Misc II tab.